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Jawatan Kosong Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (Pernas) Ogos 2021

Jawatan kosong terkini di Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (Pernas) Ogos 2021. Permohonan adalah dipelawa daripada warganegara Malaysia yang berkelayakan untuk mengisi kekosongan jawatan kosong terkini di Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (Pernas) sebagai:


Tarikh tutup permohonan pada 26 Ogos 2021
Lokasi penempatan : Perbadanan Nasional Berhad , Kuala Lumpur
Sektor : Berkanun/ Swasta

Jawatan Kosong Perbadanan Nasional Berhad (Pernas) Ogos 2021


1. Job Summary

The primary function of the role is to review, manage, coordinate, and periodically update the organisation’s framework, policies, guidelines, terms of references (TOR), and standard operating procedures (SOP) is conducted through the respective business unit. This requires an overview of the organisation’s process and identifying gaps and improvement plans for it. A subset of this is to manage and maintain Pernas’ ISO certification to ensure compliance for continued certification renewal every three years.

The secondary function is to assist in centrally managing the organisation’s data and obtain insights and findings for the organisation to ensure the organisation’s business unit are current or up-to-date in their strategic outlook and are sound in their planning and execution.

2. Process Quality Management

i) To maintain and assist in developing the quality process which includes the standard procedures for the company.

ii) To plan on ISO Certification for the company. (i.e: Scope of ISO Certification.)

iii) Liaising with Management, staff, consultants and auditors (internal & external) in ensuring the execution of corrective action and compliance with the implemented procedures.

iv) Setting compliance objectives and ensure targets are achieved.

v) Setting up and maintaining controls of the documentation procedures.

vi) Coordination of meeting with the committee, consultants & internal auditors to update on the status of quality management.

vii) To coordinate on any related training which could give wide exposure of Quality Management System among the management and staff.

viii) To explore new innovation strategies / product / processes / services to improve PNS’ competitiveness.

ix) To prepare on the following :

a. Documentation Review & Update;

b. Internal Audit Report (i.e: NCR, Corrective action, etc.); and

3. Process Compliance

i) To review, manage coordinate and periodically update the organisation’s summarised Limits of Authority (LOA) and Manual of Approvals (MOA) are up to date and in sync with the business/functional unit’s set of LOA, MOA found through their frameworks, policies, guidelines, TOR and SOPs.

ii) To maintain an overview of the organisation’s process and identify gaps and improvement plans for it.

4. Research and Data Management

To assist the Research and Data Management Unit as follows: -

a. To furnish information relating to financial, investment and property market as well as important breaking news to the top Management and Head of Division / Department weekly;

b. To provide comprehensive data on economic growth and monetary information such as GDP, CPI, Inflation Rate and currency performance to the top Management and Head of Division quarterly;

c. Other projects assigned during the serving period.


i) Representative in Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) & Business Continuity Plan (BCP);

ii) Pernas MS ISO 9001:2015 Coordinator and Internal Auditor;

iii) To manage, coordinate and carry out ad hoc assignments and tasks from time to time


1. Job Summary

• To provide advice on Shariah issues to Pernas Management and staff to ensure that all activities and operations are in adherence with Shariah.
• To develop new products for Pernas.
• To establish Pernas Shariah Governance Framework.

2. Roles and responsiblities

i) To provide advice on Shariah issues to Pernas Management and staff as to ensure that all activities and operations are in adherence with Shariah.

ii) To perform Shariah assessment on financing/investment/property applications.

iii) To coordinate the development and implementation of new Islamic products for Pernas.

iv) To conduct Shariah review and provide necessary responses on related operational matters.

v) To perform research and analysis and monitor latest updates pertaining to Shariah and update the Management accordingly to ensure compliance.

vi) To act as Shariah liaison officer/ Shariah secretariat between Pernas and appointed Shariah Advisor/Consultant/Committee.

vii) To coordinate meetings, disseminate Shariah decisions to relevant stakeholder and engage with relevant parties who wish to seek further deliberations on Shariah issues.

viii) To act as secretariat to Jawatankuasa Pengagihan Zakat (“JPZ”).

ix) To coordinate the distribution of Pernas’ Zakat (business).

x) To establish Pernas’ Shariah Governance Framework.

xi) To ensure compliance on related Shariah SOP & Guidelines.

3. Others

To be company’s representative for various projects or meetings conducted by the ministry or other agencies.


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