Jobs in Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra (Kias) (7 Jun 2018)

Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra (Kias) is a Private Higher Education Institutions (IPTs) operated by Kias Darulnaim Sdn Bhd (KDSB) a subsidiary of Yayasan Kelantan Darulnaim (YAKIN). Ideas establishment is one of conjecture was inspired State aspiring Kelantan as center of Islamic knowledge development platform known in the region, particularly through the provision of educational institutions in various fields.

Jawatan Kosong di Kolej Islam Antarabangsa Sultan Ismail Petra (Kias)

Positions :

1. Penolong Pendaftar Kanan Pemasaran NK44
2. Penolong Pendaftar Pemasaran NK41
3. Pegawai Eksekutif Pemasaran NK27
4. Juruteknik Elektrik dan Penghawa Dingin NK27

Closing Date : 07/06/2018

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Jobs in Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) (22 Mei 2018)

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri Malaysia (LHDNM) is one of the main revenue collecting agencies of the Ministry of Finance. LHDNM was established in accordance with the Inland Revenue Board of Malaysia Act 1995 to give it more autonomy especially in financial and personnel management as well as to improve the quality and effectiveness of tax administration. The Department of Inland Revenue Malaysia became a board on March 1, 1996, and is now formally known as LHDNM.

Positions :

1. Penolong Pegawai Eksekutif (Penaksiran) Gred 31
2. Penolong Pegawai Eksekutif (Pentadbiran) Gred 31
3. Penolong Pegawai Eksekutif (Perundangan) Gred 31
4. Penolong Pegawai Eksekutif (Kesetiausahaan) Gred 31

Closing Date : 22/05/2018

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Jobs in Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM) (13 Mei 2018)

JUPEM is among the oldest government agencies in Malaysia where measurement activities began in 1885 with the establishment of the Johor State Survey Department. Starting from 1885 to 1957, State Department and Topography Departments have been set up to bring consolidation gradually to an organization like today. In 1965, the government approved the establishment of the Directorate of National Mapping of Malaysia with the mandate of conducting survey, mapping, topographic and geodetic works.

Jawatan Kosong di Jabatan Ukur dan Pemetaan Malaysia (JUPEM)

Positions :

1. Juruukur J41
2. Penolong Juruukur JA29

Closing Date : 13/05/2018

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Jobs in Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) (29 April 2018)

Tenaga Nasional Berhad is the largest electricity company in Malaysia. Business assets is an amount of Rs 60.0 billion. The number of subscribers is more than 6 million accounts in Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah.
Its core business is to generate, transmit and distribute electricity throughout Malaysia. Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) is the operator of the National Grid, the electric transmission line across the country. This line consists of 132 kV, 275 kV and 500 kV.

Jawatan Kosong di Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB)

TNB through its subsidiary is also engaged in the manufacturing of variables, high voltage switchgears and cables, as a consultant in the fields of architecture, civil and electrical, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and as a project management specialist. TNB also operate private universities namely Universiti Tenaga Nasional.

Positions :

1. Juruteknik Tingkatan Biasa
(Elektrikal &  IT)
2. Pentadbir Sistem

Closing Date : 29/04/2018

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Jobs in Majlis Daerah Kuala Krai (15 April 2018)

Kuala Krai District Council was formed on 1 January 1979 following a restructuring of Local Authorities in the while nation under Local Government Act 1976 )Act 171). The restructuring was done with the intent to create an administration system that is more efficient, capable and plays a more active role in determining the direction of development, planning, and town development in general.

Jawatan Kosong di Majlis Daerah Kuala Krai

Positions :

1. Penolong Pegawai Teknologi Maklumat F29
2. Pekerja Awam R1

Closing Date : 15/04/2018

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Job in Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK) (12 April 2018)

Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK) available today is more of a religion of the Kelantan state government agencies entrusted to carry out the activities of Islamic education and Arabic language studies in the population of the state. Initial proposal is on January 1, 1974 which is under the Kelantan Enactment 9/1968.

Jawatan Kosong di Yayasan Islam Kelantan (YIK)

Position :

1. Penolong Jurutera (Kejuruteraan Awam) JA29

GAJI : RM 1,549.00 - RM 5,701.00

Closing Date : 12/04/2018

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Job in Majlis Daerah Dabong (8 April 2018)

Dabong District Council was established on January 1st 1979 following the restructuring of the Dabong Local Council, Manek Urai Local Council and Kuala Balah Local Council under Act 1976 (Act 171) covering 1978 km² including the districts of Dabong, Kuala Balah and Olak Jeram. The council’s establishment was based on the government’s policy of empowering local authorities to be more functional and effective, in administration as well as implementation of projects for the benefit of the local community.

Jawatan Kosong di Majlis Daerah Dabong

Position :

1. Pembantu Penilaian W17

Closing Date : 08/04/2018

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Jobs in Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Negeri Kelantan (27 Mac 2018)

Kelantan State Services Commission established under the provisions of Article 61 Section First Constitutional Law of the State of Kelantan. It plays an important role in aspects of Human Resource Management State of Kelantan. Kelantan State Services Commission is the body isolation or as an independent body. Establishment of the State Services Commission, Kelantan started in 1959 after founding the proposal presented in Kelantan State Legislative Assembly (DUN) on 14 April 1959. On May 21, 1959 approved the proposed establishment. Kelantan State Services Commission was officially established on June 25, 1959 and its incorporation into effect.

Jawatan Kosong di Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Negeri Kelantan

Positions :

1. Pegawai Tadbir Negeri N41
2. Penolong Pegawai Tadbir N29
3. Penolong Jurutera JA29
4. Penolong Pegawai Perancang Bandar Dan Desa JA29
5. Penolong Pemelihara Hutan G29
6. Pembantu Tadbir (Kewangan) W19
7. Pengawas Hutan G19
8. Juruteknik Komputer FT19
9. Pelukis Pelan JA19
10. Pembantu Pembangunan Masyarakat S19
11. Pembantu Syariah LS19
12. Pembantu Hal Ehwal Islam S19
13. Pemandu Kenderaan H11

Closing Date : 27/03/2018

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Jobs in Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) (23 Mac 2018)

Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM) is an authorized body under the Ministry of Agriculture and Agriculture Base Industry that was incorporated under Act 49, Malaysia Fisheries Development Board Act 1971. This act took effect on all states within Peninsular Malaysia on November 1st 1971; in Sarawak on July 1st 1973; and in Sabah on August 1st 1995.

Jawatan Kosong di Lembaga Kemajuan Ikan Malaysia (LKIM)

Positions :

1. Juruaudit W41
2. Pegawai Kewangan W41
3. Pegawai Ehwal Ekonomi E41
4. Penolong Pegawai Tadbir N29
5. Setiausaha Pejabat N29
6. Pembantu Ehwal Ekonomi E19
7. Pembantu Akauntan W19
8. Pembantu Tadbir Kewangan W19
9. Pegawai Khidmat Pelanggan N19
10. Pembantu Operasi N11
11. Pemandu Kenderaan H11
12. Pengawal Keselamatan KP11

Closing Date : 23/03/2018

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Job in Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (SPA) (25 Mac 2018)

Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (SPA) was founded on the 31st of August 1957 which happens to be the same day as the historic Independence Day of Malay Peninsular during the reign of the British, the administration of the Federated Malay States was handled by the British. The declaration of Independence on the 31st of August 1957 itself has initiated a new supreme and independent order and leadership in the Federation of Malay Peninsular. Officially, the Public Services Commission was formed according to Article 144(1) of the Federal Constitution.

Jawatan Kosong di Suruhanjaya Perkhidmatan Awam Malaysia (SPA)

Position :


1. Pegawai Imigresen KP19

(Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia)

Closing Date : 25/03/2018

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