Jobs in Majlis Daerah Tangkak (19 Disember 2017)

Local Authorities in the kingdom after the Third Stage of the Federal Government and the State Government. After the reorganization of local authorities in 1976, Majlis Daerah Tangkak was established on 1st August 1976 is a combination of 9 Local Council of Tangkak, New Farm, Sagil, Kangkar Hill, Dead River, Serom, Bukit Gambir, Grisek and Kundang Ulu. Administrative area of ​​the Majlis Daerah Tangkak is 13,566 hectares with an estimated population of 70,400 people and there were 17,600 real estate holdings in the area left an indelible mark of the branch areas Majlis Daerah Tangkak, The Council of Administration also covers an area 20 meters (40 chains) in the left- Lotus Village area right road, Durian Chondong, Kg.Baru Bekoh and Hill shavings.

Jawatan Kosong di Majlis Daerah Tangkak

Position :

1. Pembantu Tadbir (Perkeranian/Operasi) N19

Closing Date : 19/12/2017

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Jobs in Pusat Zakat Negeri Sembilan (31 Disember 2017)

The Zakat Center in Negeri Sembilan (PZNS) was established to improve and streamline Zakat's collection in the Negeri Sembilan. This will have a direct impact on the distribution of zakat. Backed off by the use of skilled young people and the use of the latest technologies, PZNS is expected to become a competitive agency for Muslim businesses and to be able to uphold Zakat in the country, especially in the country.

Jawatan Kosong di Pusat Zakat Negeri Sembilan

Positions :

1. Eksekutif Unit Pemasaran Internet dan Media Sosial
2. Pembantu Eksekutif Unit Pemasaran Internet dan Media Sosial

Closing Date : 31/12/2017

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Jobs in Majlis Perbandaran Kluang (23 Disember 2017)

Kluang's Municipal Council were authorized through the Local Government's Act 1976 (Act 171) and other related acts as well as By-laws to implement its function and responsibility. The establishment history of the post of local superintendent started in year 1920 when the Kluang Municipal Board was opened. The Kluang Municipal Board were upgraded to the Kluang Municipal Council in 1957, Northern Kluang District Council in 1977 and further declared as Kluang Municipal Council in 8th May 2001.

Jawatan Kosong di Majlis Perbandaran Kluang

Positions :

1. Pegawai Tadbir N41
2. Penolong Pegawai Tadbir N29
3. Penolong Pegawai Penguat Kuasa KP29
4. Penolong Akauntan W29
5. Penolong Pegawai Undang-undang L29
6. Pembantu Tadbir (P/O) N19
7. Pembantu Penguat Kuasa KP19
8. Pembantu Operasi N11
9. Pemandu Kenderaan H11
10. Pembantu Penguat Kuasa (Letak Kereta) KP19

Closing Date : 23/12/2017

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Jobs in Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) (18 Disember 2017)

Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM) is a government agency of Malaysia that governs the affairs of Islam in Malaysia . Led by Jakim director-general Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz.

Jawatan Kosong di Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia (JAKIM)

Positions :

1. Penolong Akauntan W29
2. Pembantu Tadbir (Perkeranian/Operasi) N19
3. Pemandu Kenderaan H11

Closing Date : 18/12/2017

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Jobs in Majlis Daerah Hulu Terengganu (3 Januari 2018)

The Hulu Terengganu District Council was established on 1 January 1981 under Section 3 of the Local Government Act 1976 (Act 171) (Amended in 1978). It was previously known as Jumaah Bandaran Ulu Terengganu. The official launching of the Ulu Terengganu District Council was inaugurated by the Menteri Besar of Terengganu, YAB Dato 'Seri Amar Diraja Dato' Haji Wan Mokhtar bin Ahmad at the Kuala Brang Municipal Hall on Monday, 30 August 1982.

Jawatan Kosong di Majlis Daerah Hulu Terengganu

Positions :

1. Penolong Pegawai Tadbir N29
2. Penolong Pegawai Perancang Bandar dan Desa JA29
3. Penolong Arkitek Landskap JA29

Closing Date : 03/01/2018

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