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Job at Taman Ular & Reptilia Perlis

Snake & Reptile Park is a wholly owned subsidiary of State Economic Development Corporation which is placed under the management of Perlis Property Sdn. Limited. began operating in 1995. Snake & Reptile Park is located about 11 km from the city of Jayapura. Snake Park is an attractive tourist destination in the state of Perlis and Malaysia in general. This is where there are many species of snakes that can be seen in the enclosed booth or in the open space, it provides an opportunity for visitors to reach out to these exotic animals up close in an environment similar to their natural habitat. There are some - some 150 snakes of 34 species in the park. 25 local species and nine species of snakes from abroad. 10 Shenton sesies snake is venomous type and the rest are not venomous.

Position :

1. Penyelia Taman Ular & Reptilia

Closing Date : 14/11/2013

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