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Job at Darul Quran Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

Establishment of Darul Quran started in 1966 when the Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tuanku Abdul Rahman Al-Haj Prince expressed a desire to establish an Institute for the Study of the Quran in Malaysia. This goal was stated during the inauguration of the National Mosque where the idea arose because of Pesta Quran held since 1960 and the visit of the Rector of Al-Azhar Sheikh Mahmud Syaltut at the opening of the National Mosque. For starters, Maahad Tahfiz Al-Quran Wal- Qiraat established as one of the units at the Islamic Affairs Division, Prime Minister's Department, Kuala Lumpur. With the establishment of the then began his studies in Quran Tahfiz at the National Mosque Lecture Hall on March 1, 1966 with the number of students at that time a total of 8 people as apprentices selected and sent to the states in Malaysia.

Jawatan Kosong Darul Quran Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia

Position :

1. Pensyarah Tasmik Al- Quran ( Jemputan)

Closing Date : 05/12/2013

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